Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ideas and Updates

As I try and fix my camera so I can take decent pictures, I figured I would ask anyone who may be reading this if they have any looks you'd like to see? Feedback is always awesome!

Semi-Precious hits US stores and counters tomorrow, I thought I would like a ton of stuff, but after seeing swatches, I'm not thrilled with it. The MSF's look amazing, but I have a whole drawer full of them that I hardly use now lol I might send out a ISO later on when I have more money if I totally want one.

I have some reviews I'm writing up for some BB creams I bought. I love BB creams, but they're not 'perfect'.

I know I seriously am lacking on entries, and that sucks because Blogger ate all my old posts! So I look like a noob no one likes lol Oh well. I'm not on the ball as I should be, but with working and stuff, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and plan stuff out. But, I will get better at it, I promise!


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