Friday, August 26, 2011

Fandom Friday: Final Destination 5

First Fandom Friday!!! YAY! And in this awesome first installment, I give to you a review of the movie me and Gaby went to see Tuesday for our anniversary.

Final Destination 5 is a movie worthy of 3D...and after the cut, I'll tell you why!

 Now, those who want to boycott this movie because the previous one was "The Final Destination". DO NOT LET THAT DISSUADE YOU! It was amazing.

Now, after four installments of this movie, the budget has gotten bigger and the ideas have gotten gorier, I feel that FD5 has the best opening scene, but some of the deaths weren't what I expected. This is one series that I'll watch no matter how many they make (much like SAW). 

I don't know how to properly review this movie without spoiling it lol 

There is a cleverness to this movie that was lacking in the previous ones. The cast actually does a good job, and one of the actors.... Gaby was convinced it was Tom Cruise (LOL). Actually, he looks more like the lovechild of Christian Bale and Tom Cruise. 

I was leery about the 3D, because I saw Piranha in 3D and it wasn't that great in 3D, but FD5 utilized the 3d to its fullest. 

As always Tony Todd was awesome, even though he was in it for only a short bit. There were no big names in this one, which was nice. Some of the acting was kind of dry and dull, but the death scenes made it worth it.

Now, I've been watching Horror movies since I can remember, and not much skeeves me out anymore or scares me, but there were a few moments where I was clinging desperately to Gaby's arm.

Like this one:

  All in all, the movie was fantastic... if you like this type of movie, and I know not everyone does. But it deserves a watch in the theatres. AMC/Cinemark is doing a summer special that movies are generally cheaper. We paid $10.50 a piece for 3D which was awesome for CA prices lol

Final Destination 5 is my favorite sequel of the series. It doesn't outshine the original, but it does awesome as a sequel.

Oh, and for anyone who's seen all the movies, you'll appreciate the opening credits. And make sure you stick around for the ending credits as well.

Rating: 5 mutilated bodies out of 5

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